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Guido Caramello


With a specialization in Ophthalmology obtained in 1978, Dr. Guido Caramello starts his professional career as assistant to the chief of surgery at the “Ospedale Oftalmico” of Turin.

In 1989, at 40, he becomes Chief of Ophthalmologic Surgery at Savigliano “SS Annunziata” Hospital. After 10 years, in 1999, he wins the position as Chief of Ophthalmologic Surgery at Cuneo “S. Croce e Carle” Hospital where he manages the Ophthalmology department until 2016, year of his retirement from the public healthcare.

In almost 40 years of professional career, Guido Caramello has performed more than 40.000 surgeries including, in particular, over 2500 glaucoma surgeries with non-penetrating techniques (sclerectomy and canaloplasty), over 2000 corneal transplants and over 2000 vitreo-retinal surgeries.